Saturday, July 31, 2004

I watched the first few minutes of Kerry's speach last night and about fell asleep. I had to change the channel to something more exciting. Everything I have read just confirmed what I thought the speach would be like, but I was too bored to watch. Oh where, oh where did 30 years of his life go? I don't know why. It's like there's 30 years thet JFK doesn't want us to know about.

The New Republic (not exactly a Conservative bastion) takes on Kerry's speach.

This guy is tame in comparison.

His home paper slamed him.

The Kerry Speech.

It may well be true that, as a number of pundits have claimed, Kerry gave the best ***damned speech of his career last night. But that's a little like saying Yoko Ono's latest CD is her best-ever: It may well be technically true, but so what?

The man who would not be president.

The stumble.

Thank Instapundit again.

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