Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I can't win. Hus is wondering what my e-mail address is while smelling smoke (I feel bad for laughing again because I really shouldn't), Jim is confusing his instruments, and Paul is getting a crash course in Lutheranism. Just to let you know, you might want to start here.

I can sit around all day thinking of various topics and saying to myself, "I should post on that" and manage to completely forget about when I finally sit myself down in front of the computer.

Alright, I have one topic I have thought about a lot and this post is aimed at one very specific target: the Terrible Swede.

He has already proclaimed to the world that he is confessional. How wonderful it must be to be so clear, and then to, by your actions, declare yourself to be God. Now I know I have your attention. Everytime you call someone a name, everytime you tell someone to **** off, everytime you let a good argument get derailed because you can't control yourself, you are saying that that person has no right to live. How is that? You are cursing God's creation, saying what God declared, "good" is bad. YOU ARE ACTING LIKE GOD! Get off your narcissistic boat and start arguing without cussing. Your arguments might actually be more powerful without the swearing.

Edit: BTW -- I believe I am at least as guilty as the Terrible Swede with respect to my post. Repentance is a wonderful thing.

Since I have just shot down my best friend, I am now going to bed.

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