Saturday, July 17, 2004

I was at lunch today and, while in line at Quizno’s, I happened to see my pastor talking to one of the members of the church while eating. After paying for my food, I walked over to say hello. The normal chitchat ensued when the issue of the Terrible Swede’s blog and my blog came up. I have been much less of a problem to many of the local pastors because I just don’t talk about what is happening locally. My blog has a national audience and I don’t want to inflict local problems upon you all. It doesn’t mean there haven’t been exceptions, but, as a rule, I try to leave local problems alone.
So, what wisdom did my pastor impart on me? He asked me a simple question: do I want to continue blogging like a college student or am I finally going to start blogging like a mature LCMS layman? Because of that question, I asked myself another question: how does my blog reflect on my congregation? I am sure this will lead to more questions dissecting my words and myself.

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