Thursday, July 15, 2004

I make a fairly normal post criticizing the whole Ablaze craze and the "mission-minded" mindset that goes with it and no one even tries to respond (even though Thomas made a good joke). Alright, time for a little satire. Let's let everyone make Ablaze jokes. I do admit it is a bad idea not because it pokes fun at that mindset (and the mindset deserves all the flack they are getting from me because I, someone who cannot read Greek, somehow has managed to read Greek better that over 50% of the synod in convention), but because me and my friends have made all the jokes already. I shouldn't have bothered. Unfortunately, some people don't want to see it as satire and want to make big fusses over a program which can't even take basic Biblical scrutiny. Those same people probably write nasty letters to the editor to The Door.
Not-so good news for Rev. McCain. It looks like he might have one more interm appointment (maybe) before he gets swept under by events. It will be unfortunate because Rev. McCain has had CPH in the black now for the past two years, at least. He has offered incredible confessional products and we should all be thankful for the service he has done for the LCMS and Lutheranism worldwide, as evidenced by all those British Lutherans on my blogroll.
On an unrelated note, if you are on my blogroll and haven't posted anything within the last, ohhh, say a month, you might want to post something soon because I am looking to see who I can delete to trim my blogroll down. I actually don't want to lose anyone, but I can't have people on my blogroll who don't want to blog. It kind of defeats the purpose of the blogroll.

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