Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I think I just thought up the first (and only) contest this blog might ever host. The idea is simple: write your own synodical convention resolution! This is your chance to be sarcastic or funny or both or whatever. The only rules are that you cannot break any commandments and that they cannot be serious. For instance:

WHEREAS, we members of congregations who have sent their representatives to this convention have a strong Germanic origin and

WHEREAS, these churches often like to hold either pot lucks or picnic's where brauts are served and

WHEREAS, many congregations do not provide the proper garnishings for these events, be it

Resolved, that congregations must include sauerkraut any time brauts are served and further be it

Resolved, that any congregation that does not provide sauerkraut shall be voluntarily revoking their membership within this convention and further be it

Resolved, that any member who does not eat sauerkraut shall be purged from the congregational rolls.

See, it's easy. You might have to break it up into parts to fit into my comments. If you want to, you can always e-mail them to me at beerisforamateurs at yahoo dot com. I'll make sure they make it onto the blog.

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