Saturday, June 05, 2004

Congratulations to Jesus First! They've graduated from the Herman Otten School of Rhetoric and slandered every person who doesn't just want to roll over and let the culture define the church. Read this lovely piece of slanderous rhetoric. For people who cry about the Eighth Commandment, they go ahead and violate it at will. Read the response to the slander.

More of Jesus First's Commentary and response.

More silliness within the ELCA

Mission Report About Sudan

Radio Silence: How NPR purged classical music from its airwaves. The only reason why I even think about listening to NPR is because they are often the only source of classical music over the airwaves. I can't sit there and listen to the morons that pontificate about Abu Grabe while not saying a word about the oil-for-food scandal (you know, the scandal that's bigger than all the corporate scandals combined). Morning Sedition and All Things Inconsiderate are normally forums for the banal and should be replaced by Bach, Handel, and even Schoenburg (and I hate atonal music, so that should tell you how little respect I have for National People's Radio News). I just don't believe government money should go to news coverage. If you want government money for a radio station, you're going to have to have a useful function in building up western civilization. Classical music does that. That's why I hardly ever listen to the local Public Radio station and I listen to the station out of Hutchinson. They play classical music, and not enough IMHO. Then again, if I were President, I would force every radio station to play a Charlie Parker song once an hour.

The Heratige Foundation has an excellent tribute to the Gipper. I am still grappling with the fact one of my political heroes is gone. There are only four people who really molded and helped me clear up what I believed politically. Two are dead and the other two are older and who knows when they will die. I'll have more to say later.

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