Wednesday, November 19, 2003

In all my book-bashing, I have forgotten all about the war and taking pot shots at my best friend for his Frenchie positions which sound awfully like a NPR report. Anyways, he complains that Saddam had no connections to al Queda (the base). All I have to say is NANNY! NANNY! BOO! BOO!. Once again, I prove that I am right and he is French. Enough said.

I have bought the newest edition of one of the greatest books ever written known as The World's Most Dangerous Places. It is a travel guide for the insane, or a way to learn about the hellholes in this world the news never covers unless things really go south. I love reading this book. You get links to internet sites you have never heard of that reports on hellholes. Did I mention I love this book. I'm about to delve into the Balkans area, so I'll take my leave.

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