Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I am glad to have the friends I have. They keep me in line when I go on a rampage on this site, which is many times. I do almost consider this my personal journal that I publish just for giggles. Many of my thoughts come out uncensored, and my use of foul language has peaked recently. My stream-of-conscience format allows for interesting reading, but also offensive comments. I do admit a couple of things. First off, I am still mad at the pastors at my former church and that still shows. I am not mentally in a place yet to even step into my old church, let alone confront my old pastors on why I believe they are teaching error. I really shouldn't be talking behind their backs. One thing the internet allows is anominimity. I am relatively anonymous (how many Daniels are there in the world?) and that allows me to say things I wouldn't say if the whole world knew me and knew who I am. I must apologize for those remarks. Until I am ready to confront them personally, I should just keep my mouth shut. Secondly, in my last post, I use the words "so-called" Lutheran pastors. I am still wrestling with what I said and if I should say it. On one hand, I do not know most of the pastors using the book and how they are presenting the material. On the other hand, how can a Lutheran pastor in good conscience allow a book to be used where the law dominates? Not only is it law, but it is mostly "law lite," a version of the law that doesn't cut one to the core. The book almost has a Phariseeatical (new word) tone to it. That isn't Lutheranism. Lutherans should always allow the Gospel to dominate their lives. Anyways, I need to think this through a little more.

There is no greater proof of original sin than the way people crave the law that condemns us intstead of the Gospel that saves us.

I forgot to add, there is one more person who has begun the path to being warped beyond repair. One of my friends saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail completely through for the first time and loved it. So if he happens to read this, I say, "Ni!"

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