Thursday, November 27, 2003

I still have nothing really to blog on. I have been reading The World's Most Dangerous Places, but I do not have much to say about the book. It is possibly the most depressing book I've read all year.

I am looking forward to thanksgiving because of football. What a stupid reason.

The new Consensus newsletter is out.

If you want something to laugh at, read this. I guess our synod's premiere theologians and Latin scholars don't have a clue as to what they are talking about. That's essentially the argument of this article. Good luck next time.

The ELCA now has a real quagmire. For now, it's in fellowship with a church that openly ordains gay bishops, which is still officially against what the ELCA claims to believe. Many of its member are now making noise because of this, and the report due in 2005 is going to be very interesting. The ELCA will split as fast as the lawyers will let it.

If you have never had Chili Beer, you are missing out my friends. This stuff burns going down, but it tastes very good. I would actually drink this stuff rather than my beloved Warsteiner (Life's to short to drink cheap beer) or Belikin. Or Guinness.

Maybe I'll actually check my e-mail before I go to bed.

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