Saturday, November 01, 2003

A Critique of The Purpose-Driven Church. Read this and weep at what is happening to our Synod. The same pastor who planned the Reformation Service is now trying to shove this tripe down his church's throat. This also being my former church and the church my parents still attend. I am now extremely glad to get out when I did. I will probably drop by my old bell choir this Monday to drop off a few items (I still have some music order forms, oops) and to voice my concerns about how the church is going to hell in a handbasket. This could be very interesting...

Things are looking better in Southern California. Now they'll have to begin harvesting all the burnt timber so it doesn't sit there, dry out even more, and become an even bigger fire threat. Will the Sierra Club or Greenpeace like that? No, but it is necessary to rebuild a healthy forest. Why would they be against such a thing that would help the forest? Becuse logging companies would have to do it and that would go against all the pinko, communist, socialist tendencies the enviro-wackos have.

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