Thursday, November 06, 2003

Good News. World Magazine now has a blog

Bad News. My little piece of the net doesn't come up on Google since no one really links to me, and I am too lazy to change my site so I can put links up to other people. So, I will sit here in my blogger mediocrity and pout.

More good news. Fish Communicate By Farting.

Even better news. The Purpose-driven Life now makes sense. All I needed to do was read it through a a jive filter.

Bad News. I still can't dialectize my own blog. I think it would read better in redneck.

Good News. There is good Lutheran theology that covers what is covered by the book The Purpose-Driven Life. And Here

Bad News. The book is still popular.

Good News. Calvinist don't like the book. Ouch.

I've had enough fun at this book's expense.

Alright, One more. Gnosticism.

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