Friday, July 25, 2003

You know, your friends can sometimes drive you crazy.

Last Sunday, my best friend got into an argument with the campus missionary over whether or not Lutheran laymen should pray in public places. First, our campus missionary knows how to push my best friend's buttons and get him suckered into these arguments. He should know better. Secondly, my friend took the bait, swallowed the hook, and about ruined dinner. Now, I don't know about everyone else, but at dinner, I do try to shove food in large quantities into my mouth, and I happened to be working on dessert when this little argument erupted like Mt St. Helens having a bad case of the explosive runs. Even worse, both sides tried to drag me into their little sludge pit and make me spout an opinion that, honestly, I didn't want to give because I was at the dinner table and not at the bar where the liquor would have made me jump right into the argument. You argue over beer and you talk about the cult of Mary Kay at the dinner table. I should have told both of them to take it to the bar next door. Third, I reall don't agree with my friend on this issue anyway. The Confessions are lacking, and Scripture gives some guidance on how not to pray like a hypocrit and to pray away from everybody, but how you get from that to no public prayer is beyond me. Of course, there's the good old standby tradition, which, if I believed wholeheartedly in, I would be praying to St. Anne right now and prommising I would become a monk just to get away...

Speaking of monks, if you haven't seen this you are missing out. I cannot wait to see it. It shall be awesome!

Uday and Kusay (however you spell their names) are dead. Thank YHWH. Hopefully they are both where they belong, with Tim McVeigh, getting various large and hot items shoved up their respective rectums.

I have gotten zero e-mail response, so I am going to quit posting my e-mail address and use it to send messages telling you about how to get a bigger penis. Also check out the Alter Call.

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