Thursday, July 31, 2003

Saddam Had WMDs
: There was no conspiracy, and the press knows it

Errors of Mass Destruction: WMD search and accusations
Not Just WMDs: Why we went into Iraq
WMD & More: Remember what we have found in Iraq
Weapons of Mass Distraction: Are we blind?
The “Bush Lied” Case Falls Apart: The president’s critics have to ignore too much evidence
Cheney’s Supposed Lie: What did he say and when did he say it?
The Surreal World of Iraq: Let us thank our soldiers on this Independence Day
Uranium-Gate?: Some context
Democrats’ Iraqi Attack Ad: Former Clinton officials produce an ad attacking the president on WMDs
Lies about Iraqi Nukes: Bill Clinton & Carl Levin
Are Iraqis Better Off?: Is that a joke?
War Folklore: Don’t listen to the latest groupspeak
Saddam: Dead or Alive?: The dictator’s ultimate fate

You know, I wouldn't be plastering my blog with these links if my best friend would pull his head out of his rear end and quit listening to NPR, whose opinions on the war he spouts frequently and doesn't seem to realize it. The day NPR actually reports the news will be the day I convert to Buddism and reincarnate as a flea. Bush went in with the best intelligence he had and to claim he went in "for the oil" is to ignore the fact that 97% of our oil comes from this hemisphere.

Why Did Bush Go to War?
No Flies on Bush
Saddam plus al-Qaeda = WMDs
The French Connection
Symposium: Bush’s Decision to Go to War. Was it Justified?
The Politics of Mass Destruction
The War Against Bush
Where, O Where Have the WMDs Gone? Part Deux

To my other friends who might be reading this, sorry. I'm sure you can find something interesting here.

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