Thursday, July 31, 2003

I now know there are three people reading my insufferable excuse for writing. The joys of being read and well-received...

I ran into a statement today by a guy who thinks he knows alot about age dating but said something extremely stupid. I immediately pounced revealing to the world this man's idiocy and, hopefully, keeping him from saying something so stupid ever again. He said rocks from the earth have been dated at 4.54 billion years old. He might as well have said, "It's just a flesh wound!" because I would have laughed just as hard. The earliest period in time in Geology is known as the Hadian. The Hadian comes before the Archean which comes before the Proterozoic, like you needed to hear that. There is a reason we call that period the Hadian: there are no bloody rocks to represent that period of time geologically! The earliest-dated rocks are a whopping 3.9 billion years old. Hey, he's only off by the whole Phanerizoic! The tounge-lashing he got was purely for misrepresenting the scientific evidence. I could jump all over him for some of the silly assumptions of radiometric age-dating, but I thought I would take the criticism one thing at a time.

This is for Ron

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