Thursday, July 17, 2003

I am starting to blog much more regularly now. Don't count on it lasting too much longer...

I hate core. I hate unloading core. I especially hate unloading core when it's getting hot outside and the boxes are wooden. I drank three bottles of Poweraide this morning in a futile attempt to keep myself from dehydrating. It happened anyway, and I've spent this afternoon trying to rehydrate. I think I am finally there, and I stink of sunscreen. What a day.

Why is it so hard for someone like me to talk to women? I mean, I have the perfect sob story (being bitten in the face by a dog when I was six) with a very high empathy factor, I am funny (Monty Python-warped funny, but funny none the less), and I have a nice dog who likes everyone. So why can't I ever get more than three words out of myself when I actually talk to someone available? How come it's easier to talk to women who are already hitched or in a relationship which you know they won't be pulled away from? I need a better job.

All in all, it's been a Murphy's Law week. Thank God. Otherwise, I wouldn't know what a good week is. I think. Maybe.

E-mail me at and don't be too lazy to copy and paste. Maybe if I knew someone besides Ron was reading this, I might actually put more effort into keeping this silly place on the internet updated!

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