Tuesday, June 07, 2005

OSC by his own reply to my blog undermines his own argument as to what he is trying to get at. By telling me to engage in all the conversation in theology that I want with other friends, then telling me blogs are not conversations, are you starting to see what I see? My comments line is my way of conversing with you all. It's not like if I say something stupid that I can get away with it. I have said many stupid things on this blog and end up being called out because of it. No, it isn't a conversation in the conventional sense of the word, but it is a conversation that can have many more participants than a traditional conversation might and, because of the internet, it is worldwide. I'm not spouting off here, saying I am right, and pretending I am a pastor. I'm a layman, throwing out ideas about different aspect of our theology and politics and seeing if any of them stick.

I do believe that Chaz is right when he says "Old Missouri" is Jesus First(NI!). Most people will just go along with whatever these people push without much thought. The Daystar(NI!) crowd is destined for the LCMC it seems. There isn't much difference between the "Radical Waltherians" and the WELS/ELS bunch except the willingness to go along with the WELS/ELS way. There is still some refining and thinking I need to do about this topic, but I'm too busy reading Hammer of God.

By the way, I need to say Hammer of God rocks.

It is cool to be on tabletalk and blogging at the same time.

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