Thursday, June 02, 2005

Being a Royals fan can be real drudgery at times. You're a fan of a franchise whose payroll is smaller than some MLB player's salaries (A-Rod). That being said, I get a perverse pleasure out of a group of young, inexperienced nobodies winning not one, not two, but three games against the New York Yankees and their $200+ payroll. It's times like this that make me glad to be a Royals fan.

I've thought about laymen and blogs and the only thing I can say is if we are violating the BoC by teaching, none of us should be reading The Spirituality of the Cross. Is it wrong for Christians to discuss doctrine to others? If so, I've broken that many times, with beer in my hand no less. Before the Terrible Swede was so terrible (in his BE days), we would go grab dinner at a local beer joint that had over 100 beers and we'd talk about doctrine and whatever else was on our minds at the time. Was it wrong for us to discuss doctrine?

Finally, Elle is coming to see me soon. Yay!

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