Wednesday, May 25, 2005

So, Acerbic Lady, what part of give me your email address or tell us who you are did you not understand? Not only that, why did you decide to piss me off even more by posting at another IP address, thus getting around my ban? Why did you do this after making the rules of commenting on this blog crystal clear? As far as I'm concerned, your question deserves no answer at this point because you seem content to flaunt the rules of this blog. That's OK. I banned your new IP address as well. If you feel the need for an answer to your question, you can email him and ask him yourself. He'll probably tell you that enjoying a bunch of puppets destroying a city is different from actually wanting to see a city destroyed and that the jump you made isn't logical, but he just might give you a different answer. Like I said, you can email him yourself and ask.

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