Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Since I have to do this every once in a while, I would like to reiterate the rules of commenting on my blog.

1) No pseudonyms without a posted email address.
2) If you pot your real name, I still need an email address.
3) No one calls me or any of my friends assholes.

It's funny when people decide to lecture you on Christian love then turn around and call you an asshole. So, Acerbic Lady, I'm actually not banning you from commenting for any of those reasons. I'm banning you because, by degrading your argument by adding an ad hominem attack, you've shown yourself to be an intellectually impaired, thus violating the fourth rule: don't piss the author off. If you wish to comment some more, you'll have to email me and suddenly not be anonymous and not hide behind that pseudonym of yours. Of course, that would mean being accountable for what you said and we can't have that. Let's all call each other assholes while hiding behind pseudonyms. That would make the world a much better place, don't you think? I think the world would be swell if we all hid behind pseudonyms and called each other assholes. We could call it South Park! We could drop S-bombs, F-bombs, M-Fer bombs, etc. and not be accountable for what we said! What fun.

We're all here, with our names and emails out for the world to see. You're hiding behind a pseudonym and don't even have the guts to tell us who you are. Do you I'm going to sit here and let you call me an asshole while lecturing me on how I'm supposed to be loving? Get the log out of your own eye.

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