Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Why do Kansas drivers suck? Every day, I go to work and every day, I see some driver that doesn't know what he is doing trying to get onto the freeway. Oh, what do these Kansas drivers do? They stop where the onramp becomes the acceleration lane. Anybody with half a brain knows you accelerate and merge, even if no one lets you in. If you have to, you drive on the shoulder or muscle your way in, but you never stop. If you stop, you make merging about 20 times more difficult. Kansans love to stop, however. The State of Kansas should take down the stupid "Yield" signs at the end of the onramps so idiots who take the signs literally will quit stopping and making my commute a living hell. If I can, I'll sometimes drive around the offender and merge. I learned how to drive on freeways in California, and nitwits in Kansas wouldn't survive one minute in California. They would get rear-ended trying to get onto the freeway because they would slow down in the acceleration lane. Kansas drivers suck.

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