Sunday, February 06, 2005

7:51: New thread because the other one is getting too big to update in a regular fashion. It's getting difficult. Kickoff Pats. Good return to the Eagles 35.

7:53: Nice Bud commercial. Napster? OK.

7:55: 1st and 10. Pass. Catch T.O. 10 yards. 1st down. Run up the middle. Gain of 1.

7:56: Blitz. McNabb sacked. Good D. 3rd and 15. Long throw down the middle. Incomplete. Eagles punt. Flag on the return. Brown to the Eagles 40. Holding. Wipes out 45 yard return.

7:58: Dumb easy button commercial. Blogger is getting slow. Good cat commercial. More chimps. Chimps are always funny.

8:00: 1st and 10: Run right. gain of 6 to the 14. 2nd and 4. Blitz. Brady hit. Ball in the air. Incomplete could have been picked off. 3rd and 4. Blitz. Throws long. Incomplete. Punt.

8:03: Punt. Flag. Westbrook loses the ball. Goes out of bounds. Holding. Eagles at their 26.

8:04: War of the World trailer. New ED commercial. Warning about the 4 hour erection. Nice.

8:05: 1st and 10. Pass middle. Gain of 15. 1st and 10. Pass to T.O. gain of 8.

8:07: 2nd and 2. Run left. Gain of 5. 1st down. Blitz. Pass left. Caught. 1st down. Pass right to T.O. Gain of 6. 2nd and 4. Run up the middle. Gain of 5. 1st down.

8:09: Pass. Ball tipped. Incomplete. 2nd and 10. NE 21. Blitz. Pass left. Complete. Gain of 7. 3rd and 3. Blitz. Pass behind his receiver. Catch 1st down.

8:11 1st and goal. Blitz. throw over the middle. TOUCHDOWN EAGLES! Great drive by the Eagles. Extra Point good. 14-14.

8:13. More Honda truck commercials. Not funny. Stupid Verizon commercial. Kind of funny. Not all that great.

8:15: Kickoff. Line drive. Out to the 34. 1st down. 5 wideouts. Flag. False start. Wide receiver screen. Gain of 4. Pinkston out with cramps. 2nd and 11. Screen right. Gain of 14. 1st down.

8:18: Run. Middle. Gain of 3. 2nd and 7. Pass. Caught for 5. 3rd and 2. Timeout Eagles.

8:20: Blogger running slow. 3rd and 2 NE. Blitz. Run left. Gain of 7. 1st down. Eagles blitz. Run right. Gain of 8. 2nd and 2. End of 3rd quarter. 14-14.

8:22: Boring Lexus commercial. Dumb Alltel context.

8:24: 2nd and 2 Pats. Run. Middle. Marked at the 16. 1st down. Shotgun. Screen right. Gain of 14. 1st and goal from the 2. Run. Middle. TOUCHDOWN PATRIOTS! Extra point good. 21-14.

8:26: Dumb Prius commercial.

8:29: Kickoff. Taken to the 22. 1st and 10 Philly. Play action. Fires down the middle. Incomplete.

8:30: Run right. Dropped for a loss of 6. 3rd and 16. Blitz. Long throw left. Incomplete. Forced to punt. Returned to the Eagles 47.

8:32: Boring Bud commercial. Mastercard commercial. Cute.

8:34: Blogger getting a little fatser. Run middle. Stuffed for a loss of 3. Play action. Down the middle. Awesome catch. Gain of 19.

8:35: 1st and 10. Flag for roughing the passer. Add 15. Ball on 16. Dillon right. Gain of 7. 2nd and 3. Blitz. Run middle. bounces right. Gain of 5. 1st down. Run left. Gets nothing.

8:38: 2nd and goal. Timeout because of cramps.

8:39: Dumb commerical. Crazty Designated driver commercial. More chimps. Amusing.

8:41: New Englad is just running up the Eagle's Defense. 2nd and goal. Philly shows blitz. Throws. Pass incomplete. 2rd and goal. Run right. Nothing. Field goal attempt. 22 yards. Good. 24-14 Pats.

8:45: Kickoff Pats. Returned to the 26. 1st and 10. Run middle. Gain of 2. 2nd and 8. Blitz. Caught by T.O. To the Pats 37. 1st down.

8:47: Throw middle. Thrown high. Intercepted by Teddy Brewski. Hail of boos by Eagle fans. Threw a duck. Bad throw. 1st down Pats. Run middle. Gain of 3. 2nd and 7. Draw middle, bunced left. Gain of 2.

8:49: 3rd and 5. Pressure. Brady throws it away. 4th down. Punt. Fair catch. 1st and 10.

8:51: 1st down on their 21. Short pass right. Gain of 3. 2nd and 7. Quick throw. Ruled incomplete. Challenged. Ruling should be overturned. It is overturned.

8:53: 3rd and 2. Short pass. Good for 5. 1st down. Short pass. Gain of 2. Didn't get out of bounds. Errant throw. 2nd and 8. Bad throw by McNabb. Incomplete.

8:57: 3rd and 8: Blitz. Pass is caught. Good for 10. 1st and 10 from the Eagles 46. Play action McNabb almost sacked. Pass incomplete. Thrown short. 2nd and 10. Fumbled snap. 3rd and 10. Eagles need to hurry up. Blitz. Caught over the middle. 11 yards. 1st and 10.

8:59. 1st and 10. Bad throw. Incomplete to Westbrook. Brewski injured.

9:00: He walks off. 2nd and 10. Short pass complete. 1st and 10. 2 minute warning.

9:01: Trailer. Sahara. So-so. P-Diddi Pepsi commercial. They're out of commercials.

9:03: 1st and 10. New England 31. Pass incomplete. 2nd and 10. T.O. has 9 catches for over 100 yards. Shotgun. Throw down the middle. TOUCHDOWN EAGLES! Lewis caught the pass. Extra point good.

9:05: 24-21. Onside kick expected. Eagles only have 2 timeouts left.

9:06: New England recovers the onside kick. Marked at the Eagles 41. 1st and 10. Timeout New England.

9:08: Run left. Gain of 2. Timeout Eagles.

9:10: Run middle. Gain of 3. Timeout Eagles.

9:11: 4 wideouts. Blitz. No gain. 4th down. Punt. Timeout Pats.

9:13: Punt. Downed at the 4. 1st and 10. 46 second. They gotta throw. Threw short. Gain of 1. Clock runs. McNabb throws middle. Incomplete. 17 seconds. 3rd and 10. Pass middle. Interception Hitman. 9 seconds left.

9:16: That's it. New England 24, Philly 21.

Excellent game. It went down to the last minuite. Philly's offense broke down at the end. As ugly as the first half was, the second half was great. Good Game. I'll see you at Daytona. Why not?

Commercialwise, they just were not all that funny. Bud Light was consistent, but, otherwise, it was extremely hit and miss. Harrison proved Freddy Mitchel was a joke and New England once again showed that a team with a beatten-down secondary can still win. What a game.

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