Sunday, February 06, 2005

5:30: Cadets from the acadamies singing the National Anthem. A classy way to go. Coin toss is next.

5:36: Blogger is acting up this might not work.

5:37: Kickoff imminent. Eagles get the ball.

5:38: Good return by the Eagles. Ball on their 38.

5:39: Good D by the Pats. Will T.O. be a factor?

5:40: T.O. catches his first pass of the night.

5:41: McNabb sacked, loses ball. Good play by the Pats D.

5:44: Eagles challenging the call. Funny Bud Light commercial. Bad contact commercial. Movie trailer. Blahhh. Looks like the call will be reversed. McNabb still sacked. Fouth Down. Eagles get to punt.

5:45: Good punt. Brown did as much as he could with it. Pats 28.

5:46: Blitz. Pats pick it up. Good pass by Brady.

5:47: 1st Penalty by the pats. False start 1st and 15. Good run by Dillon.

5:48: Eagles read screen pass. Stop it after a gain of 2 yards. Eagles are blitzing like there's no tomorow. Pass incomplete.

5:49: Pats punt. Good coffin corner punt. Eagles from the 7.

5:50: Funny Diet Pepsi commercial. Silly Buble gum commercial. Tecno sucks. Camera commercial sucks.

5:51: This is fun. Run stuffed. Lost two yards.

5:52: T.O. catches the ball. Gain of 9. Looks good.

5:53: Run stuffed for a yard. Eagles punt. Troy Brown fair catches. 52 Yards.

5:54: Vin Diesil. With kids? Give me a break. Good FedEx commercial. Bud light commercial: A winner.

5:56: Dillon gains 3 on a run right. 2nd and 7. 2nd false start. O-line needs to calm down. Eagles blitz drawing them off.

5:57: Empty bacfield. Quick pass. Gain of 8. 3rd and 4. Blitz. Gained 2 yards on the pass. Pats have to punt.

5:58: Westbrook, 10 yards. Almost broke the punt return.

5:59: Stupid Volvo commercial. Good Diet Papsi commercial. Good commercial.

6:02: Eagles ball. Bad, underthrown pass by McNabb. T.O. looks good, so far. Nice screen pass. Bad missed tackle by Troy Brown. 1st down Eagles. Run stuffed. Gain of 2.

6:03: McNabb overtrows his receiver. 3rd and long.

6:04: Pass caught. 1st down Eagles. Generous spot. Swing pass. Picks up 3.

6:05: Play action. Missed the receiver. McNabb's accuracy off.

6:06: Resetting play clock. 3rd and 7. T.O open. Late flag. Gains 30 yards. T.O. looks good. Late hit. Add 10 more to that.

6:07: McNabb sacked. Loss of 16. 2nd and goal from the pats 24. Flag. Interception. Illegal contact on the Pats. Automatic 1st down.

6:10: 1st down from the 19. Another good Bud Light commercial. Trailer for remake of "The Longest Yard." Good. McDonald's commercial sucks.

6:12: Huge penalty. McNabb intercepted by the Hitman. Harrison looks like he's hurt. McNabb's accuracy questionable.

6:17: Harrison walked off. Pats backed up. Draw play. Nice gain. Brady overthrows his man. 3rd and 3. Run stopped. 4th and 3. Punting. Line drive punt. On Pats 45.

6:19: Long throw. Almost intercepted. 2nd and 10. McNabb, play action. Pats D saw the screen. McNabb taken down by the Hitman. 3rd and 11. Pass. FUMBLE! Recovered by the Pats.

6:21: Pats 37. Pass. Receiver slipped. 2nd and 10. Run. Edge, gain of 4. End of 1st Quarter. 0-0. Good defensive game so far.

6:22: Nice rugby commercial. Not all that funny, though. OOO. New Honda truck.

6:25: Bardy sacked by Burgess. 4th down. Pats have to punt. Fair catch at the Eagles 20.

6:27: 1st and 10. Run by Westbrook. Gain of 2. 2nd and 8.

6:28: Run. Gain of 1. Both tems playing well on D. McNabbv pass. Complete. 1st down Eagles.

6:29: 1st and 10: Run outside. Gain of 5. 2nd and 5: Blitz. Pass. Caught at the Pats 17. Nice pass. Good job by the receiver to adjust. Run outside. Gain of 10.

6:31: 1st and goal. Run. No gain.

6:32: Flag against Eagles. Pass incomplete. Illegal Formation. Penalty declined. 3rd and goal. Blitz. McNabb with time. Pass over the middle. Complete. TOUCHDOWN EAGLES! Extra point good. 7-0 Eagles.

6:34: Good Bud commercial. Funny Lays commercial. Stupid Subway commercial.

6:37: Kickoff to Pats 22. Flag. Holding Back 'em up.

6:38: Pepsi. Not funny I-tunes. "Be Cool" trailer good. Mama's Boy commercial really good.

6:39: Screen pass. Dillon. Gain of 13. !st and 10:PScreen to Dillin. Gain of 15. 1st down.

6:40: Run. Gain of 8. 2nd and 2. Run Right, Gain of 5 by Kevin Falk. 1st and 10. Quick trow. Fumble. Eagle's ball. Challenge by NE.

6:41: Dumb Pepsi commercial. Car commercial. New Caddy. ZZZZZ.

6:45: Pats win challenge. 1st and 10. Run. Great run by Dillon. Should have been stuffed at the line. Bounces right. Gains 25. 1st and goal.Quick pass. Gain of 2.

6:47: 2nd and goal. Blitz comming. Loses ball on the play action. Ball belongs to the Eagles. Eagles 1st and 10: Run. Loses 1 yard.

6:49: 2nd and 11. Quick pass incomplete. 3rd and long. Bitz. McNabb scrambles. Pass incomplete. Punt. Ugly punt. 29 yard punt. Good field position for NE.

6:51: Good job site commercial. Taco Bell comercial. Seen it before. Good Bud Light commercial.

6:53: 1st and 10 Pats. Pass. Gain of 7. 2nd and 3. Eagles rush. Brady pass incomplete. 3rd and 3. Pass complete. Gain of 5. 1st down.

6:55: 1st and 10. Pass. Gain of 4. Catch by Branch. Offense looking better. 2nd and 6. 5 wideout. Pass over the middle. Nice catch by Brown. First down. @ minute Warning.

6:56: Batman trailer. Looks interesting. Nice stone commercial. Like Dennis Rodman. Good Amber Boch commercial. Pats on the Eagles 7. 1st and goal. Run left Stretch play. 3 yards.

7:00: 2nd andd goalBrady throws. TOUCHDOWN PATRIOTS! Brady to Givens. Extra Point good. 7-7.

7:01: Givens does the "Eagle." Pats about to kickoff.

7:02: Kicoff. Good return. Penalty flag. To the Eagles 41. Holding. Wilson injured on the kick.

7:04: Wilson off. Not good. 1st and 10. Run. Blitz. Loss of 3. Pats take timeout. 2nd and 13.

7:06: Whose that with Jeff Gordon. 2nd and 13. Pass. Pick up of 10. 3rd and 3. Pass complete to the Philly 40.

7:08: Timeout Philly. 10 Seconds left. 1st and 10 from their 40. McNabb almost saced. Pass incomplete.

7:09: Timeout NE. 2nd and 10. Expect a Hail Mary. (Duh) McNabb shaken up?

7:10: Draw play. Tackled. 7-7. Taking Halftime off. Be back in a bit with a little commentary.

7:14: gave me a link. I'm sending a little love to them.

7:19: Excellent defensive game. Both teams are in constant blitz mode. Eagles need to get their running game going. It's going the way I thought: a close, defensive game. Pats D looks good. Eagles D looks good. I still think the NE kicker is what will put them over.

7:20: Great NFL Network commercial. That was funny. Tomorow, we're all undefeated. Why Paul McCartney? I guess there's no chance for a boob to pop out. Bummer.

7:35: Halfitime show went well. No "wardrobe malfunctions." I enjoyed Live and Let Die. I admit I'm more used to the GnR version. Pats get the ball first in the 2nd half.

7:40: Eagles kicking off soon.

7:41: Lots of penalties. Sloppy play by the offensives. Kickoff. Bounces around. 17 yard return.

7:42: 1st and 10. Blitz. Pass. Gain of 8. 2nd and 2. Toss left. Loss of 4. 3rd and 6.

7:44: Blitz. Pick it up. Brady trows up the middle. Complete. 27 yards. 1st down. Pass. Incomplete. Hits receiver in the back.

7:45: 2nd and 10. Pass incomplete. 3rd and 10. Brady. Pass over the middle. Gain of 16. 1st and 10.

7:48: 1st and 10. Run right. Stuffed for no gain. 2nd and 10. Blitz. Brady throws. Branch catches. On the Philly 2. 1st down. Play action. Vrables catches the ball. Flags down. Holding, defense. TOUCHDOWN PATRIOTS! Extra point good. 14-7 Eagles.

7:49: Stupid camera commercial. I hate techno. Nice Tabasco sauce commercial. Another tailer.

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