Sunday, October 03, 2004

Who is Norma?

I was curious about this Lutheran Church this lady Norma is attending, so I began hunting. I went hunting because I have heard of just about every podunk synod that exists in the US. Before I went chasing my tail, however, I checked the LCMS website (link provided in my blogroll under Lutheran Links). There is a handy directory that I use to keep track of churchworkers I know and send them the occasional harassing e-mail (j/k). Nothing there. I check on the ELCA website. Here's a piece of good news. You scroll down towards the bottom, you see this link. Norma is a member of an ELCA congregation. Now, I don't hold this against someone. Chris made my blog of the week and I still link to the Lutheran Confessions site even when I dislike many of the political views expressed on those sites. In reality, as long as you have a sense of humor, I really could care less. What maddened me, however, at Norma is that she seems to be a part of the humorless sect of the ELCA, which is quite large. Her church seems to be conservative, but conservative in the American Evangelical sense rather than a Lutheran sense. I find no mention of the confessions, but plenty of mentions of the Purpose Driven Fad. Their statement on worship was violently ripped from the pages of Rick Warren's shite-ridden masterpiece. It's a statement that doesn't even begin to cover what Lutheran worship actually is and turns the whole concept of the Divine service on its head. Another gem is the statement, "In the pages of these 66 books..." Alarm bells start going off with this gem. Anytime any Lutheran congregation begins defining what is and isn't in the Bible, Calvinism alerts go off. I could give other examples of the rampant pietism running through this congregation, but the above two should suffice.

From the single comment Norma left, I can say there is a high probability that the pietism that affects this congregation has rubbed off onto her.

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