Saturday, October 09, 2004

I have a lot of to discuss. I shall discuss these things in no particular order.

#1--OU wins. Texas still sucks.

#2--Beerfest was an amazing event once again. The Swede, our friend Jeff, and I all attended. We arrived early and had a good place in line. Last year, we were stuck in the middle of nowhere and it took us over 10 minutes to get into the venue. This year, we were in within a couple of minutes of the doors opening. Ron went hunting to see where the "Cooking with Beer" and "Lager tasting" events. Jeff and I went hunting to see if, like last year, there would be a tasting for the Sam Adams Millennium beer. Nope. We found Ron, who repeatedly said he would pace himself after last year, working on his second beer 10 minutes into this thing. What you did was bounce from one large table to the next drinking ~6 FL oz of beer each time. I decided that I was going to try beers that I had never drank before. That, however, was more difficult than I realized. When you start bouncing from table to table, you realize what you have tried and what you haven't. I've tried a lot of different beers. I drank a bottle of water before even thinking about drinking a beer. By the point my lips first tasted porter, Ron had already consumed 5 drinks. Jeff had just finished his second. So much for pacing ourselves. I finished my second drink (a dark cider reminiscent of the song Johnny Jump Up) when we went to the "cooking with Beer" seminar. It was informative and I had the chance to try a couple of recipes that use beer. After that, I kept pacing myself and I tried more beers. During this time, Jeff quit drinking (he had to drive us home) while Ron suddenly began paying for the binging. We attended the Lager seminar which was led by Lew Bryson, who is considered a God in the beer world. We tasted (much smaller samples) 5 different lagers and learned some of the differences between lagers and ales. Ales are like a rainforest, which has many different types of trees verses lagers which are like the black forest which just has one tree. Ales have many flavors while lagers are much milder and much more subtle. We tasted many lagers starting at Budweiser all the way up to a strong Double Bock which begins taking on some of the characteristics of ales. After the talk, I went hunting for more beer while Jeff and Ron drank water and tried to sober up. While I was busy, the two saw a woman who was wearing a v-cut. It seemed like she was about to explode. During all of this, a group of cute women were pinching each other in the butt. I returned to see the spectacles around us. I went away to find Jeff talking with a couple of his coworkers. We finally returned home. While going home, a conversation ensued.

Ron: There was a lot of cute girls there.
Me: All of the cute girls had boyfriends.
Ron: No, there were a few cute girls without any men with them.
Me: Yeah, but they were playing grabass with each other.

You had to be there.

#3--IntollerantElle joins my blogroll under the proper label- WELS/ELS.

#4--I had more blood removed this morning to rerun my liver enzymes.

#5--Working out on elliptical machines is one way to inadvertently surround yourself with women. Yes, that happened this morning. The plan I am on calls for one week on the treadmill, one week on the bikes and one week on the elliptical machines.

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