Saturday, October 30, 2004

I made some comments on an internet board I frequent when the topic came up on the misuse of the law. Since many of the people were impressed by what I had to say (I was surprised at how well my comments were accepted, to be honest), I decided to reproduce my short comments (slightly edited to correct the typos) to see how you all like them.

Much of the problem, IMHO, stems from the twisting by many of what it means to be a Christian. Does it means we live as better people? No. Does it mean we are happier than the world? No. Often, we are just as miserable and struggle with the same problems the world faces. Rain falls on the just and unjust alike. What then drives the Christian? The Cross. The Christian whose life is centered around the cross is the Christian who gets it. The cross is where forgiveness of sins take place, so there must be repentance. Christianity, being centered around the cross, is best and most powerfully expressed through the repentant life, not the "victorious" life.

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