Thursday, October 28, 2004

Tonight, the inevitable finally happened in class. I was helping our students go through a 911 call because, well, they need to learn what to say in case of an emergency. We had one student making the call with another student pretending to be the 911 operator. The call went something like this.

Student 1: Hello, 911
Student 2: There is a fire in where?
Teacher : in my house
Student 2: There is a fire in my house.
Student 1: Ummm, O shit!
Women in class: (Shocked expression on their faces)
Me: I will send
Student 1: I will send
Me: a firetruck
Student 1: a firetruck.

So it goes in ESL. Student one is now in a pile of mierda con su esposa.

This reminded me of an interesting fact. Did you know the words shit and schism both are derived from a common ancestor?



English is such a strange language.

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