Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I don't know if any of you have commented on this post by Bunnie, or if you have read this memo from our Synodical President. It deals with divine calls and does the Synodical President have the right to block a divine call. The only problem is there is a deeper issue here that is being missed: how come the Board of Communications are issuing "divine" calls in the first place. This whole issue pisses me off. We keep adding temporary calls and calls to organizations and calls to elected offices that Chemnitz is just evaporating from our minds. Unless I was really drunk when I read it, I seem to remember him saying a call is only a divine call if a CONGREGATION issues it. Not some board, not a district, not and RSO, and not even missionaries should have what one would call the divine call. Only pastors called by congregations have the divine call. Period. So, in my mind, to say Kieshnick is blocking a divine call is ludicrous.

As usual, however, he's letting his minions (the Commission on Constitutional Matters (CCM)) do his dirty work. If he really wanted to screw everyone over, however, he would have referred this matter to the Commission on Theology and Church Relations. They could have mucked up the theology of the divine call even more, making it more meaningless than it is now.

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