Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Elle has gone home today and I miss her greatly. In the next day or two, I might tell some of the adventures we went on and the fun we had. I am determined to enjoy her company again soon. Skype, however, will have to do again for a bit.

I will be catching up on my reading the next few days. I hardly read any blogs when she was here. I only caught a few snippets here and there. I am completely clueless as to what has been discussed recently.

I have three birthdays to celebrate soon. My sister is turning 21, my mom is turning 52, my grandma is turning 80. I'll probably get out of my funk soon.

Anyway, I need to get some sleep and take a shower. It's been a trying day for me, and I don't like going through this. Not only that, Elle is taking all the cool air back home with her. It's going to get into the 100s. The day before she came, it was over 100. Now, it's getting hot again. Just my luck.

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