Sunday, July 10, 2005

After grittiness and grimacing through the Wikipedia article on the LCMS, I once again realized something I have apparently forgotten: you cannot define theology by using the traditional left-right conservative-liberal political axis. As I have mentioned before, the distinction between conservative-liberal tends to end up being defined by what a group happens to think about political issues and not about their theology. With many conservative Christians, what they proclaim with their mouth doesn't necessarily square with their practice. In the end, the best thing to do is to go back to the system the Church herself developed: orthodox or heretical. Yes, this doesn't make people happy because many people think calling someone a heretic is a mean and horrible thing. It is horrible, but not for the reasons some may think. It is horrible such a term must be used because these people are not orthodox and are allowing their sinful natures to rule their hearts. Thus, we shouldn't sit there and adopt terms that either confuse and confound the issue, but cut to the heart of the matter. What is Rick Warren? He isn't a conservative. He's a heretic. Period. John Shelby Spong? Heretic. Robert Schuler? Heretic. Jesse Jackson? Heretic. George Bush? Heretic. Benny Hinn? Heretic and sucker-puncher of crippled people (thanks Larry the Cable Guy!).

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