Sunday, August 22, 2004

Sometimes, you just cannot help but wonder about people. Erica was wondering why I decided to pick on her in my country music post and the simple reason is, as I told her tonight, that I am radom and that thought just popped into my mind so I took advantage if it. It is amazing what I will forget (important dates, birthday parties, when school begins) but I can remember Erica telling me she didn't like country music on some random night at the ULC. That's just how my brain works.

I need to figure out some way for Bunnie to link to me for saying something extremely smart. I should write up a defense of our doctrine of the Lord's Supper. Either that or I need to link to discriminating beer-drinking bears before she does.

I will probably begin posting sermons on the long blog. I am being overrun by sermons on the e-mail and it sounds like a good way of forcing myself to read them. I'll start out with a few by a Pastor I know fairly well and I'll expand from there.

This is a very interesting development in the whole Episcopalian insanity. (Thanks to MCJ)

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