Monday, August 02, 2004

I am being overrun with sermons. That may sound strange, but I subscribed to CAT41's sermon mailing list with the expectation that I might receive a sermon or two a week. The past couple of weeks, the number of sermons received now totals approximately half of my e-mails. Many of the pastors I know don't even finish writing their sermons until Saturday night! What is making all these pastors suddenly decide to write all these sermons? I don't have time to read all these sermons. Honestly, all I am responsible for is listening to my own pastor. I only subscribed to it because it is interesting to see what other pastors are preaching and what other perspectives on a given passage they might have. I have plenty of perspectives now. If anyone wants some perspective, you are more than welcome to e-mail me. I'm sure I can send a couple (or 20) on the way.

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