Tuesday, August 10, 2004

My Best Friend, My Beer-Drinking Buddy, My Unequal OR the Wisdom and Beauty of Larry the Cable Guy (Strong Redneck Kung-Fu) Or the Terrible Swede OR Falls Asleep After Four Beers!...

...could really do us all a favor if he would just link to his wife with titles like "My Lovely Wife" or "My Hot Blonde Wife" rather than his normal link. While it does praise his wife, it tortures anybody else reading his blog. Anyway, the Swede is back on my blogroll and (we've seen this before) back on probation. Until he gets off (it may never happen), he's under the title of "O'Doul's," aka a near beer, a beer in which "whoever called it near was a poor judge of distance," a beer title which he, unlike most Lutherans, is going to have to earn his way out of. Purgatory, here we come!

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