Thursday, December 04, 2003

I put in the time to figure out install comments on my blog with the somewhat silly notion of people actually commenting on what I have said. All I have is Josh asking me why I refer to JeesUs First and Deathstar as lodges. I was hoping I would get long, thoughtful conversations about issues and things. I really need to take into account that my blog specializes in reporting and giving opinions about the political situation of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and how big of an audience is there for that? I am not Josh because I do not type long posts defending some specific aspect of the faith. I am not Clint and I don't have enough knowledge to wax poetic about the Book of Concord. I am not even my buddy Ron, whose blog will take on its own character. This blog is what it is. What is it? Good question.

I can guarantee on any given week I will do one of the following:

1. report on why the current SP should be removed.
2. report on why District President Benke should have been removed.
3. report on another dumb decision by the CCM and why they are the SP's minions.
4. tell you why my new church is so much better than my old church.
5. give another reason why I am glad I am not in the ELCA (like I actually need to spell this one out).
6. bash the French.
7. give a not-so-well though out political opinion because I don't know what else to blog about since LCMS news is either a flood or a trickle.
8. actually try to discuss Monty Python, beer, or geology. Scotch might come up, as well.

That, in a nutshell, is what this blog is. It will not change, it was meant to be specialized, so I should just realize that I will not get a lot of comments from people because of it. What can I say? At least Josh can wax eloquent about Lutheran theology and leave it to me to report on what is actually happening and who is not following their ordination vows.

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