Saturday, December 06, 2003

The Crisis in the LCMS site has always been an excellent place to find info on what is happening to our synod. Now, it has added a PLI/Ablaze section with a picture that's worth a thousand words. Check it out. I have heard of Ablaze and rumors of what it is about here and there. It also discusses the aptly misnamed Pastoral Leadership Institute and why it should just disappear into the ether.

I made a fascinating purchase while shopping for gifts for my family. I am now the proud owner of the book Depraved and Insulting English. Expect my vocabulary to jump a few notches when describing various enemies of the synod in the next few weeks. Let me test out my new vocabulary. [decided to edit remarks out for sanity of us all] Let me just call the French a bunch of licktwats and leave it at that.

Update: Antinomian is in this book. Who knew you could get such high theological vocabulary from a book which defines the term amplexus.

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