Monday, December 01, 2003


While I was busy sitting around eating turkey and drinking chili beer, the synod was blowing up. Who knew during this time of joy, peace, and love the politicians within the synod were going to try to choke each other while going for the jugular. I didn't. I have to keep up with synodical politics over holidays from now on. How sad.

BOD declares various CCM opinions of no effect

LCMS news report provides additional insight into recent BOD action

The BOD (Board of Directors) must have gotten their second legal opinion to be challenging the CCM (Commission on Constitutional Matters) and the SP (Synodical President). As far as I can see, they have the right and responsibility to do such a thing, especially if the constitution and bylaws are not compatible with the laws governing not-for-profit corporations. The BOD should prepare a packet for the convention explaining where and why we are not in compliance with Missouri law and proposed changes to make the synod compliant. I do not believe that is unreasonable. Unfortunately, I believe a lawsuit will be filed at some point. This is not a good situation. Could it have been handled better? Probably.

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