Saturday, October 14, 2006

I haven't blogged much as of late, but that's because married life is keeping me busy. I am enjoying it. I have found it is much better than being single by a longshot.

One of the reasons for the paucity of posts is because I am no longer publicizing my struggles. I've just decided any problems I may or may not have will be discussed with my wife. I found talking to her is much easier than blogging about them.

That being said, I have a new pet peeve: reality TV blogging. Please people. If you want to watch the stuff, fine, but don't expect me to be reading your posts anymore. I've seen two good bloggers turn to mush because of reality TV.

It is a dangerous thing to be WELS and reading about magpies.

I have a new idea for something, but I just don't know if it is viable considering the participation we have for the Lutheran Carnival. That being said, however, I wondered if anybody would have any interest in writing for a "journal" of sorts. It would be a four times a year thing absolute maximum. More likely than not, once a year would probably be good. I was just thinking about this while reading the Daystar Journal (I do it so you don't have to), and I wondered what if bloggers decided to take write something substantial with references, and post it on the internet? I thought there might actually be a demand for such a thing. The only problem is that, while I have the idea, I don't think I could even remotely consider running it. I am Mr. Scientific, and I don't have a clue as to how theology journals are run. I know how to use a modified version of the APA method, and being comfortable with that, I would require such, thus driving everyone else mad but Kletos Sumboulos and I. Anyway, if you think this is a truly viable idea, let me know. Let me know if you think I'm off my rocker as well.

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