Saturday, October 08, 2005

What is justice? It seems to me to be a goal worth reaching, but it often ends up becoming this ill-defined notion of equality and fairness that ends up turning justice into something it is not. For instance, in a race, as long as the rules are followed by all and strictly enforced, it is considered a fair race, irrespective of the skill of the racers and whether the Toyotas all get beaten by Hondas because the Hondas all have better gas mileage. Today, OU got blown out by Texas, but the game was fair because the rules were applied evenly. OU just sucked. How come in sports we can accept there are winners and losers but in life, many people seem unwilling to accept this fact and want to "even the playing field?" People are going to make stupid mistakes. Players will make a bad cut, turn the ball over, or foul at a bad time. People will screw up their lives, and there is nothing we can do about it. Many of us think that the loving thing to do is to allow the government to give people money and try to help people out. We reward people for fouling. This is stupid! Yet this is what people call "justice?" Bull. This is pure, unadulterated niceness and we need to realize that being nice and being loving are two separate things! You can't justify this kind of justice because it isn't justice but punishing those who played by the rules and rewarding those who foul. Let's quit calling this justice and call it what it is: weakness.

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