Monday, October 31, 2005

I didn't mention it when my great uncle died almost a month ago. He's my mother's uncle, and I didn't know him very well. It was case where I was there more for my grandmother, my aunts, and my mom than anything. I don't think my great uncle had seen me since I was a toddler to be honest. I went to pay my respects and to be there for the people I love. Tonight came the news that my dad's uncle died earlier this morning. This is a little harder to take because I knew my father's uncle a little better. I can still see him stoically paying his respects to my grandfather at his funeral as I was crying uncontrollably. The last time I had the chance to talk to him was at the family reunion this past June. He had lost some weight because of the chemotherapy, but otherwise was fine. He was still actively semi-retired. From what I understand, he was still working last week. It just goes to show how quickly we can die, even when we feel OK and think everything's under control.

I know it's Reformation Day, but I'm not in the mood to post anything about it.

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