Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tonight was the first night of ESL classes in our new place. We moved our classes to a local elementary school because more people could come then. Anyway, we've gone from 5-10 people on any given night to almost 30 people. This is kind of a jump, especially when you had three or four teachers working with that many people. Tonight I had six people of varying skill levels with me trying desperately from keeping the more advanced students from being bored and the beginning students from not understanding what you are trying to accomplish. Talk about a thin line. Anyway, it looks like I will be teaching the intermediate students next week. They are an interesting challenge. It consists of a lot of people who understand and know a lot of English but have a fear of speaking it. I think we'll be reading out loud a lot and doing a lot of speaking drills while continuing to add to their vocabulary.

Anyway, it's good to be teaching again, and it felt good to be speaking broken Spanish again. I somehow get through, even if I don't say it properly.

Anyway, if I mention the name of Miers, will I get a spike in people visiting my blog? Miers, Miers, Miers, Miers.

The more I learn about this woman, the less I like her. I may go so far to write Senator Brownback (who serves on the Judicial committee and is an honest conservative) and ask him to vote against her. If Bush was nominating her for a lower court, sure. I could see that. But not the Supreme Court. Miss Miers would do us all a big favor if she withdrew and allowed someone else to be nominated. I didn't vote for Bush for crap like this to happen.

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