Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ooops. I haven't updated in a few days.

I would suggest monthly carnivals. Most of my posts lately have been garbage not worth linking to. "Carnival" suggests a big event that takes some kind of planning and/or preparation. Churning out a weekly or even biweekly post of reasonable quality is too much for most bloggers.

Josh, I would suggest that the reason why your posts haven't been all that good lately has less to do with your capability that you looking forward to December. Even so, while my posts haven't been great, I still have the ability to produce decent posts for the Carnival. Heck, this has been the home of the "Don't Rebuild New Orleans!" brigade. I'll continue to argue until,I am blue in the face that we're dumping money into a pit and trying to control things that eventually will not be controlled.

In other news, there are three links submitted so far to the Carnival. Remember, you can submit up to two links. You can also submit third party links for now. It has worked out OK so far. I would suggest not submitting links to anyone who you do not know very well, and I would also remind you to submit your links in the proper format.

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