Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I have eliminated Twylah from my blogroll and mourn her leaving because who am I going to turn to now when I have ESL trouble?

My hatred of Coldplay merited a couple of comments, no matter what my stinking counter says (which is 1).

At some point not too long in the future, I will switch my comments from haloscan to blogger. I have to figure out how to transfer all that stuff from haloscan to blogger, however, because I don't want to lose any of my old comments (there are many I remember that are lost already) and I am tired of Haloscan's glitches.

Speaking of eliminations, if anyone would like to take Twylah's spot, it's open. If there is any confessional Lutheran out there with a blog I don't know about but you found me, leave me a link in the comments.

More bands I hate:

The Beatles
Ashlee Simpson

Band I like:

The Ramones
Alice Cooper

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