Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Every once in a while, I try to reread everyone's blog, and it mainly occurs when I am looking for a past post that helps me with an argument of one sort or another. I was reviewing Confessing Evangelical because of an argument I started because of an innocent comment by someone (who shall remain anonymous) about going to a workshop that will teach about "blended" worship and other nonsense. I am not the best thinker on the fly and, after the discussion, I remembered John had written something about this topic that I thought I could use. For those who do not remember (or were not around), The Message, The Medium, and The Divine Service set off a comment spree which I am still not sure has ever been matched on his blog before or since. I implore all who think that it doesn't matter whether you drink beer from Styrofoam or a glass to read and think about what you are saying.

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