Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I continue to give a lot of thought about the whole Purpo$e Driven? phenomenon as it relates to the Lutheran Church. As I was thinking about it, I remembered an analogy my friend Vicar Ryan and I discussed as it relates to the whole Purpo$e Driven? thinking. The Purpo$e Driven? Life has many good things within it, but it is also loaded with false doctrine. The Purpo$e Driven? Life is like an apple laced with arsenic. Yes, the apple can contain nutrients that we need and can use, but the apple also contains poison. You eat too many apples laced with arsenic, and you eventually die. You let a little false doctrine in, and it can eventually kill your faith. It's not worth eating apples laced with arsenic when you can easily get apples without arsenic. It's not worth reading The Purpo$e Driven? Life when you have books like The Spirituality of the Cross, God at Work, and Dying to Live available. A little leaven ruins the whole lump.

It's the type of generic fluff evangelicalism that our current pope (Jerry I) wants to overrun our synod with. Let's face it, the LCMS is being overrun with this type of generic reformed thinking. I know of more than one church that did the 40 days of purpose?lessness over Lent. I have a hard enough time when pastors decide they know better and deviate from the lectionary, but to replace Lent with the 40 days of purpose?lessness is being a bad shepherd and any pastor who did such a thing should be forced to reread the Book of Concord again and reminded of what the heck he took an oath to actually preach, teach and confess.

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