Saturday, March 12, 2005

I finally came to my sense and finally put a permanent link to the Ablaze!© Calculator. This little gem keeps track of where with respect to the goals set out by the Ablaze!© program and actually tells us a projected date of when we will tell 100 million people the good news. Of course, you don't have to sting these people with the law before telling them the gospel, which is gospel reductionism at its finest. Anyway, the current projected date is June 23, 3033 AD. We keep getting further and further behind as we go. In essence, the program is failing while groups like the LHF, which are actually doing some good, don't even come close to sniffing that kind of money. Do me and everybody else a favor: if you want to donate money to missions, donate it to the LHF and keep it out of the hands of our SP and his Ablaze!©-minded cronies.

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