Monday, March 07, 2005

First, the poll went nuts so I had to go back and redo it. Secondly, I really don't want to point it out because, well, I hate tooting my own horn, but, for some crazy reason, he decided to toot it for me. I am really uncomfortable with this stuff and, honestly, I don't talk a lot about what I myself do because it sounds so self-absorbed. I talk about me teaching ESL because I know more than a few people who read this blog have experience with it and you all sometimes email me or leave me tips. Other than that, besides maybe one or two mentions, I really try to keep to myself and make this blog as fun as possible to read.

Speaking of fun stuff, I have to talk about my hiney. You see, I, like many people, have a hiney. I really like my hiney. I think my hiney is cute, especially when I get to see it. My hiney sometimes makes sounds that tell me that it is doing just fine. How I wish many of you could have a hiney as wonderful as my hiney. No one should go through life without a hiney because, without a hiney, you have nothing to walk with. Oh, sure, you still have leg muscles, but walking with a hiney is so much easier than walking without one. So, in conclusion, I like my hiney and, if you have a hiney, you should like it and love it as well. So ends the insanity.

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