Thursday, March 24, 2005

The best way to make sure a given blog doesn't make it into my "Blog of the Week" category is to promote your blog in the comments. The best way to make sure your probation continues to be extended indefinitely, especially when I was just about to let you off, is to post meaningless comments on my blog.

Maybe I am being a little harsh, but I am a contradiction. I do like people to comment, especially when they have something to say. I don't like comments that are either "Yeah! I like that!" or "WTF?" or any others of that ilk. As a matter of fact, the less people comment but the more thought they put into the comments they do make, the more likely I am to enjoy seeing their comments. The more people comment like the above examples, the more likely I am going to treat it as comment spam and just delete them all.

BTW, I am testing out comments on my long blog. In fairly short order, I will be posting a response to a Daystar(NI!) article there.

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