Monday, January 10, 2005

Since the server I was using is down, here's the question. I asked all the ladies who e-mailed m on time (which means by Sunday Afternoon) if they thought that the beer gals to the left objectified women. Everyone except one said no. I think all I got was five e-mail response in the many days I had it going. Not exactly a representative sample. I was curious because I have been accused in the past for objectifying women because of the pictures of the beer gals. Everyone's answers shall be kept anonymous (unless you want to tell the world yourselves, in which case, go ahead. Thank you to all of those who participated for your honesty.

In other news, COLUMBIA HOUSE PLANS PORN CLUB. I can see it now, buy 4 porn DVD's for only $.01! It makes one cry, "How long, O Lord?"

My parents belonged to Columbia House in the 80s. That's how I ended up with a Lee Greenwood tape.

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