Friday, November 05, 2004

Now that the election is over and things politically have settled down, I can get back to the reason why I originally started blogging in the first place: taking an axe to the LCMS bureaucracy. I know it has been a while and some of my newer readers may not have realized it, but this blog's primary mission is criticize the power structure in the hope that, well, I'm not sure what I am hoping for.

So, has anything gone on while I have been in full I dislike Kerry mode? Lots has happened! There have been three conferences in the past month to discuss what the next move will be for us confessionals. We should know what's happening within the next few months.

LCMS 2004: Losing Its Reformation Heritage

Another view of the Chicago Conference

Still Another View of the Chicago Conference

Still Yet Another View From Chicago

LCMS Ignores Request To Follow Congregational Constitutions

Bolland Writes: "Its Time To Leave [LCMS]" RN Replies

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