Tuesday, November 23, 2004

If you ever get the chance to party with a bunch of Hispanics, do. Last Thursday I had the chance to do just that, taking the night off from ESL to eat and dance to our hearts content. Now that Tuesday night has come, I didn’t realize how much I really miss my students. Jesus and his s-bombs, Alicia and her English which is better than she thinks it is, Saul and his English that’s better than he thinks it is. I really enjoyed volunteering my time to do this and I’ve met many good people who I probably wouldn’t have given a second thought to if I just passed by them. I told all of my students to keep using their English regularly, no matter what state it is in. I’ll keep on using my broken espaƱol because it is broken very badly. I shall see them all in January when we shall plumb the depths of Dr. Seuss and see what we need to work on.

The party was also a baby shower for one of the former students. She now has enough diapers to last her at least a month. What can I say? That’s all I could think of to buy.

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