Saturday, November 20, 2004

I write this enormous rant against Premillennialism and the internet went kaplut right before I tried to post it.

The basic gist: premillennialism isn't Christologically sound and it isn't even consistent. How the hell does someone who believes in the right of a believer to choose Christ come to the conclusion that all Israel will be saved without embracing predestination? How come you never hear a premillennialist discuss realized eschatology? How come premillennialism, with its simplistic hemanutic, ends up with one of the most complicated eschatologies out there?

The computer now has Winblows XP rather than Winblows 98. To all of those who gave me advice as to a new OS to install, I say, "When did I ask for that?" Really, I could have cared less. All you did was annoy me. How come my readers refuse to give me advice when I actually ask for it and decide to give me advice when I don't ask for it? Why?

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